Piko Provisions & the Clean Label Project: Purity Award for Flagship Flavors

Clean Label Project

All of us at Piko Provisions are honored to share that we are recipients of the Clean Label Project™ Purity Award for our two most popular baby food blends: Okinawan Sweet Potato, Banana & Taro and Kabocha, Pineapple & Breadfruit.

The Clean Label Project is a national nonprofit consumer group committed to changing the definition of food safety by evaluating products for toxins and substances like heavy metals, pesticide residue and plasticizers — contaminants that are never found on the label and are excluded from government food safety regulations.

The Purity Award means that these flavors—and the ingredients and production processes we use to make them—go above and beyond the food safety standards required by the FDA and are among the purest, healthiest baby food products on shelves today.

Piko Provisions

In order to receive the award, our products have been tested for Bisphenols, Glysophate, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Acrylamide. To learn more about the Clean Label Project testing and evaluation process, click here.

“Parents and caregivers are trying to do their best for their families. The unfortunate reality is that current food safety regulations don't go far enough to protect vulnerable populations from food contaminants with known links to long-term chronic disease,” said Jackie Bowen, Executive Director of Clean Label Project. “It takes progressive brands, like Piko Provisions, to voluntarily think of food safety differently and prioritize the food safety concerns of America's families. Clean Label Project is delighted to add Piko Provisions to its line-up of Purity Award winning baby brands and providing families solutions for cleaner eating.”

As part of their Purity Award-winning status, both flavors will be subject to random testing by the Clean Label Project on an annual basis to ensure purity and to help Piko Provisions benchmark its progress on continuing to provide delicious, safe, nutritious foods for growing keiki that are also great for our planet.

What About Other Flavors And Products?

As we develop new products and continue to improve upon existing ones, we have made a company-wide commitment towards attaining the highest level of purity for you and your family. Each Piko Provisions product we create will be sent for testing and analysis by the Clean Label Project once research and development is finished and it is ready for the larger market.

Our commitment to your growing keiki and our planet through regenerative agriculture is at the forefront of all of our flavors and products. Together we can help create a delicious, thriving future for our children.

Learn more about The Clean Label Project