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Our Farmers & Partners

Meet the farmers, growers and partners providing us with the ingredients to make Hawaii's baby food.

Piko Provisions

Hawaii Ulu Cooperative

The Hawaii Ulu Cooperative provides us with a significant source of the superfood known as breadfruit (Hawaiian name ‘ulu) we use in our products. The co-op is dedicated to the revival of breadfruit, with more than 70 member farms growing six different varieties year-round. For more information, visit

GoFarm Hawaii

GoFarm Hawaii helps us connect with and source from local, self-start farmers who have graduated from their program. By providing pathways for new farmers and guaranteeing local outlets for their crops, we are helping to make farming an attractive and viable way of life for new agriculturalists.

Made in Hawaii with Aloha & Hawaii Seal of Quality

Transparency and authenticity are essential to Piko, from how our ingredients are grown and sourced to our processing and labeling. This is why we have partnered with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to be included among their two flagship programs: Made in Hawaii with Aloha & the Hawaii Seal of Quality.

Made in Hawaii with Aloha was established to protect the integrity and value of authentic Hawaii branded products and to identify those products made in Hawaii from products made elsewhere yet called made in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Seal of Quality was established to protect the integrity and value of Hawaii branded farm and value-added products. Products with this seal are genuine, Hawaii-grown or Hawaii-made premium products, a guarantee that is enforced by the State of Hawaii. To meet program standards, all fresh agricultural products must be entirely produced in Hawaii.

Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawaii (HMHB)

Through our partnership with Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawaii, we are committed to supporting their work of improving Hawaii's maternal, child and family health through collaborative efforts in programs, public education, advocacy and partner development.

Piko Provisions